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Bergera ”Sidekick” pistol Login/Join 

I just saw one of these at a local gun shop.

Similar in design to the Remington CP pistols with the addition of a folding “arm rest stock.”

Looks to be available in 3 calibers. .223, 6.5 and .308.

Interesting but pricey!
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$2,900 and butt ugly. Totally impractical short barrel on it.

Peter Resetz
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The threaded barrel length is perfect for suppressor use. Note the tight twists for subsonic velocity with long bullets. The three chamberings may not be perfect for subsonic loading but they might attract more buyers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not my cup of tea - but then neither are a lot of other currently popular firearms. I’m not going to belittle other shooters’ choices in forearms, it’s generally not good form.



“The 30-06 is the world's most over-rated big game cartridge" - Elmer Keith
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Christianson Arms has some bolt pistols also with carbon barrels and braces ! Not what I like but could be a start for a build of better stock and caliber choices !!
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Christiansen Arms Modern Precision Pistol
$2400, including stabilizing brace. Chambered in 223, 300 BO, 6.5 CM and 308. Longest barrels are 12.5" (CM and 308). Interesting, but not for me. I hope they sell well.

Good luck and good hunting.
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