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I have been looking at center grip XP's for sale in various places , some are marked "Mint", "As New" etc. My question is that in several cases the factory stock on the left side has a cut-out for a receiver sight with the two plug screws showing on the receiver. I've seen a few with the cut-out in the stock but no plug screws for the sight on the receiver. Cabela's has one with plug screws showing in a stock with no receiver sight cut-out and the barrel looks as if it's riding up out of the stock at the muzzle. It looks like someone put a .221 Fireball stock on this gun. For a "Parts" gun who cares but for an original in "Mint" condition and a "No Return Policy" how can you tell? Did Remington just assemble XP's with whatever stock or receiver they had at the time? The most recent I looked at was a .35 Rem. with the stock designed for the receiver sight but it was not drilled and tapped for the sight. I was told by it's owner it was all original but I want to be sure. Any help is appreciated!
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kinda like car buying- buyer beware- if it don't look quite right it ain't. By this time would I would say that there are very few unmolested xp's out there particularly center grips.
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The very first "original" XP-100's were all .221 Fireball and they did not have the receiver sight screw holes on the side of the receiver and the stock had no cut out for a receiver sight. Later Remington added receiver sight holes on the side of the receiver and added the cut out on the stock so a Williams receiver sight would fit.
Both guns could be considered "Mint" if unfired, however only first production guns will be without the receiver sight holes and uncut stock.
Hope this helps.
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Where lots of xp-100 experts are available.
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