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So I got the bug to build a 6.5x47L Striker and I need to talk to someone about the different Models. Did they make a rear grip model? One with the rifle trigger without the transfer bars? Or are the rear grip custom built and I doubt if I can register a custom handgun in NYS. Would be interested in XP if it has a nut.

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you can get an undesignated action from savage. Strickers were never oem rear grip. xp were though
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I have a Savage SP built off an undesignated "PTA" Precision Target Action. CA legal, bet you are ok as well. Check with your gunshop/gunsmith. buy the action,whh comes good adjustable target trigger, add a barrel of choice, Scope & base, The Stock your biggest issue.

(mine: 13.5" 284Win braked)

Mike B

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If a person were to go the route of building a pistol via Savage PTA action, who would one look to for finding a laminate/wood stock?
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Back in 2010 and 11 there were a couple gents making nice laminate wood stocks for the Striker and PTA but they have gone by the wayside. Its a shame as they were nice stocks. I wish the guys would sell the CNC program to someone like Norm LaFlamme.

Look at the last 5 posts on this thread.


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