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Confirming Drops with the 22 Creed Login/Join 


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I went out to Mac’s Gunworks last week, wanting to zero the scope at 100 yards (switched scopes), and to do a little drop confirmation with the 22 Creed. Chuck built this XP for me a number of years ago and it is my very first 22 Creed. Brux 8T, reworked XP trigger, McMillan stock, Ckye-Pod bipod, Razor Gen II.
I confirmed my drops at 300 yards, 400, 500 yards, 750 yards, 1000 yards, and at 1350 yards. 82 Grain Berger’s at 3105 fps. Wind was 10 miles an hour and stronger, at almost a full value wind.





First shot hit at every distance, with the exception of 1350 yards. My first shot at 1000 yards was about 2 inches left of center and the elevation was spot on. I worked on my wind constant as I shot further. I missed several times at 1350 yards, as the wind was playing with me pretty good. Had right at 14 MOA of wind on my last connection. Thanks to Dan Ekstrom for spotting for me. Great morning with a good friend.
This week, after I did some drop confirmation out to a grand with the 7 Dakota, I did some odd positional shooting at 300 and 400 yards from kneeling, double kneeling, crouching, and standing positions with the 22 Creed XP (Center-Grip) with 2 different PRS bags I have recently purchased. Was shooting off the top of a T-post (Not much surface area there), wooden fence posts (top of it and along the length of a horizontal post), metal gate, 2x4's making close to a "V" and some other odd stuff - No misses, especially the times I was dry firing. The PRS bag I thought would be more steady was not, and the one that did not seem to be better (Comanche by Warhorse Development) when I placed it on whatever surface, worked better. I should have changed up which one I was using first each time. It may just have been I was finding better positional stability on my second shot...Time will tell. It was fun though. Looking forward to Saturday's PRS match. It will be be good trigger time in prep for hunting season, since the time will be very limited and the shooting positions difficult.

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Very nice rig Ernie,
remember, wind is your friend. Wonder where that came from.
it was good talking with you the other day.

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Good rig and great shooting!!!!!

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