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Has anyone here had experience with an XP in .350 Rem Mag? 15" barrel. Not certain of twist yet, as it's not in my hands yet. I'll looking for good loads and even cast bullet loads if you have them.
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Not quite the same but I have a 35WSM. H4895 and a 225gr Accubond shoots great. Also shot Varget, IMR4895 and RL15. IMR was the fastest in my barrel. H4895 was the best accuracy.
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There was a Cat out in California that had a 350-338 XP and shot a bunch of deer out on the islands off CA with it. This was a high $$ dude and saw the bulk of his posts on Handgun Hunter. I have had several 350 mag rifles and have never been super impressed. I shot a custom 356 Win Encore for years and it was my go to break action gun. I shot game wit it at close to 300 with confidence. It was a tack driving hammer. I shot 180 SSPBs in it also 180 hot cores with success. So this gets me to where I am now. I now have two rifles in 35 Whelen now and shoot 225 BTs out of it. These rifles shoot really well and they are super accurate.

So if I really wanted a 35 XP I would lean towards a 358 Win and shoot 180 -225 bullets.

The brass will be way less money and the belt will not give you fits.
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You might also consider the .228 Federal. Lots of good bullets, good sectional density and ballistic coefficients. Ken Waters preferred the 338 over the 35 whether based on the '06 or '08 case. Elmer went to 33 after not getting the long range performance he wanted out of the 35 Whelen.
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I have only built one 350RM. I know the customer liked it. 358 bullets give a lot of options.

Test firing wasn’t bad. I can’t remember what brake was on it. But recoil wasn’t horrible.

I’d want a good stock tho to take the pounding.
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A friend has an 15 in. Encore in 350 that shoots very well . Recoil was not bad at all with 200 ish grain bullets. A good brake would make it easier to shoot and more pleasant for extended shooting sessions.
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My center grip XP shot the 225 gr Seirra Boat tails well, don't remember the powder. It was unbraked when I got it and the original owner only shot 158 gr pistol bullets. I loaded it up with the heavier bullets and had to have a brake installed after the first shot without one. I re-barreled it to a 20VT after picking up a XP-100R from the custom shop. It came from the factory Magna ported and isn't bad to shoot. I've only shot factory Remington 200 gr ammo through it so far but it seems to like those. When I start reloading for it I will use the 225 gr Seirra's and 180gr Speers. I may also give the 225 gr partitions a try as they shoot very well in both my rifles. Only draw back is brass availability.

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Thanks, guys. I have plenty of 180 gr. Speer Hot Cors and a couple different good cast bullet molds for it.
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Originally posted by Nitemann:

Only draw back is brass availability.


Not to stray too far OT but brass is pretty easy to form from any common belted case. I don't have it in an XP but my Remington 673 shoots like a varmint rifle with 225 grain Speer soft points and a middling load of IMR 4320.

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The late Dean Grua had one. Rear grip, open sights. With SR4759 and 225 bulk bullets was perfect score capable. With bigger bullets and slower powder was as accurate and probably a deer hammer. E. Ledbetter Dean's good friend had a center grip converted from a .35 Remington. Same results. I was privileged to shoot both.

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At one of Deans shoots right at dusk he showed us the 2' blossom it created when shot. An awesome sight to see.

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