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Rayners Results

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December 05, 2015, 08:39 PM
Rayners Results
Sorry I am a little late getting this posted but here are the final results.

The 2015 Long Range Matches at Rayners Range are officially in the books. Alvin Taylor took third place pistol class, Phil Rhul took second place pistol class and I took first place in the pistol class for the third year in a row. I also had the third highest 5 score average for all competitors. The number of competitors each month averages over 100. My 5 score average (449) would have been a third place finish in the rifle class, second place 5 score average was (450) shot by Tom Wilson and first place was (475) shot by Chris Michael in rifle class. This year was a blast and I am really looking forward to next year and hopefully some more pistol shooters and who knows, I might actually get lucky and win a match next year. I can't say enough about all of the competitors at Rayners, they are a fantastic group of people always ready to help a fellow shooter. The Rayners also do a fantastic job hosting all of these matches at their property and as anyone can tell you that has shot there it can be a very challenging place to shoot.