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When choosing a .243 cal. cut rifled barrel 1 in 10 twist for 80 - 90 grain bullets at 3,000 fps,which would be better,a standard 4 groove or one with 5R rifling?
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I would go with a 8T so you could use any bullet weight you wanted if it were me.

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First..... what Ernie said.
Secondly there is a lot of conjecture on the number of grooves and the rifling cant. I personally don't know if you'd ever noticed as long as it's a quality barrel. I have 5r's I have standard 4 grooves and I can't shoot as well as any of them can do. I also know that some people win f class with 3 groove non canted. So what's best? Not really a definite, scientifically proven answer there. Just make sure you get the proper twist rate and make sure the barrel is from a reputable maker and you'll be gtg!
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I agree with Ernie, go with a faster twist just in case you decide to try some heavier bullets. I really like my brux barrels, easy to clean. As far as 4 vs 5 grove I really think it's a personnel preference. For example if you shot a groundhog on a fence post and actually hit him I don't think he would know the difference.
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Veral Smith did some testing on different grooves but he was looking for advantages with cast bullets and not so much jacketed. He said it wasn't as critical with jacketed as it was for cast and if my poor memory serves me right his findings were that either the standard 5 or 6 seemed to be the best all around. It was a combination of even support, friction and enough surface area to provide good rotation without stripping on the bullet. Even on a jacketed round, if you can retrieve one that shows good rifling you can see on the thrust side where it has pushed the copper more to one side (slight stripping) and there will be a raised ridge. Of course theres much more psi on jacketed than with lead.


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I really don't think it matters as long as you get a good barrel.

Every once in a while you get that pia barrel that just won't shoot or you get one that goes above and beyond.
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Thanks to all, very sound advice.
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GA in case PA actually hit the ground hog laugh laugh bolt PA I think GA is pickin on you. eek2 GA good one GA thumbup let the fun begin skull
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