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Just bought a striker in 300wsm with a new shilen stainless steel barrel. It's getting shipped today. Is there anything I should check when I get it and what's the normal cost of a aftermarket wood stock?
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Usually the trigger needs adjustment.

You can upgrade the trigger with a modified Rifle Basix unit.

As far as aftermarket wood stocks for mid grip, None. Convert to rear grip, use Model 10 rifle stocks.

I have been known to make some mid grip occasionally. I also upgrade the plastic stock for better fit and enhanced function.

Email me for some pics of what's available and possible.

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Originally posted by tinkerer:

... I also upgrade the plastic stock for better fit and enhanced function.


I have a mid-grip that Tinkerer modified and it is a huge improvement to the factory mig-grip ergonomics.

If you stay mid-grip I would strongly suggest you at least give his modification a look.

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If you don't have large hands you will likely want to wittle on the handle a bit. I took a lot of material off mine along with grinding finger grooves into it. It made a world of difference.

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