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While sitting in treestand you have alot of time to think, I have decided instead of a blackout to go creedmoor. That being said, my xp bolt is a 7br, so what are my options. New bolt or can there be something done to 7br bolt. Thank for any help.

Thanks j
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Hi. If you want to go 6.5, I'd suggest going to 260Rem. Screw on and headspace a new barrel- no boltface change needed. I have a XP100R that I've used for all types of shooting. Load it down, load it up. Mine shoots like a house on fire.
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Don't need to change anything. It'll work as is.
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7BR and Tree Stand go good together. My 7BR topples 55lb steel targets at 600 yards with a 168gr bullet. Not saying don't build a specialty pistol, we all have a share, not fair yet, but a share. When you choose, make it something over and above the capabilities of a 7BR..

Steve Smile
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Thanks, all i need now is a barrel, and someone to put it on.

Thanks again.
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