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Looking for suggestions on a rear bag and/or mods to the McMillan rear grip stock so it will ride the bag while benchrest shooting? I shot a five shot group yesterday w/4 touching & 1 "flyer" & I attribute it to my hold. I currently have a Protektor filled with sand but just can't get a comfortable hold. I also have an Edgewood but it's a little tall for use with my front rest. I was looking on the Edgewood site for something shorter, but looks like nearly everythimg is on b/o? So thought I would poll the group for ideas / suggestions? I'm wanting to dial it in to shoot 600 yd BR & must get something so I can get comfortable & consistent. Thx in advance - Cris
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What spacing at the base of the ears do you want?

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I will double check when I get home, but I'm thinking 3/8" will work? The main thing is flat top and fairly short ears so I have easy access to the grip. Slick material would be an added bonus,
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I was thinking the short ears on a protector bag would clear enough. but I'd want more space between, anyway let us know what you come up with. There may be a few others with the same needs.

And I'll bet lots of other opinions out there as to what would work best.

Happy Shooting!
Mike B

ps thanks again Ernie!

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My 2 cents
I have ditched rear bag and gone to flat plate
I felt the rear bag was causing the flyers

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