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I'm in need of a new side bolt release. I've used the wichita style on several xp's in the past. They allow the bolt to come a LOOONNGGG ways back which is nice when you stuff a RUM case in an xp. I like the aesthetics of the nosler/lawton style better, but they won't allow the bolt to come back anywhere near the same amount. Guy I know wants one in his 6SLR with the wyatts mag box. Won't have enough travel to pick up the next round using the nosler style.

What have you used an how did you like it?
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I have one lawton style, and currently 3 of my xp's are getting defiance bolt releases. I think the witchita allows the most trave, however I do not like the look of them. Just a personal taste though.
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Just make one....
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