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Brad was our youngest shooter at wyshot last year (12 years old I think).

Well Brad was using loaned gear.

Now thanks to Dad finding an xp on gunbroker for a steal, some people donating parts, and a good bit of labor donated. Brad has his own gun.

284 win with a 15” take off barrel, Holland brake, egw hd 20moa base, and Royal arms gun stock.

The stock was sanded to about 90% since I’m sure we are going to have to modify the grip for his small hands. But it’s up and running and Brad is ready for WYSHOT and Elk season!

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Looks great!
Can't wait to see Bradley shoot it!

Ernie (xphunter) "The Un-Tactical"
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That's awesome and I'm not just talking about Chris' work although that is too.

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Great looking rig...very good for this young man!
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Good job Chris. And all involved. Lucky young msn
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Really Nice!!!!

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Thanks to all who donated!! That is pretty flippen cool!!

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Great looking XP and hats off to the guys that made the
donations and Chris’s donated time building it.
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That is great you help with getting another in the "Group". HAH
Very nice work. Looks like a shooter. I would never take anything for my 284 XP. Shooting Bergers or Accubonds it is always up for the task. Sometimes after a long range session I think maybe I should have had a break installed but then I like the weight and little less noise. Good looking build.


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Looks great!! Love the stock. He should be one happy little camper! Big Grin


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