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Hi Everyone,
I have a new SP coming home from the smith soon. It's a switch barrel idea, built off of a Surgeon XL action. The XL action doesn't have as many stock options as Rem./Savage pattern action. All of my previous experiences with SP and rifle stocks have been chassis with aluminum bedding blocks. I've had good repeatable results with them, exstreamly durable, no gunsmith required, just screw it in and go shooting. The Surgeon XL action only has 3 chassis option that I'm aware of, XLR Industries, Ashbury Precision and Cadex Defense. All of these chassis have AR-15 style forend tubes that I'm not particularly fond of. McMillan and Manners make fiberglass/carbon fiber rifle stocks, but no pistol stocks for this action. So it seems to me my only option is a custom laminated pistiol stock that is traditionally pillar and glass bedded.

Does anyone have any input on the longevity/durability of the bedding in a laminated stock? I'll be popping the action in and out a good deal on account it's a switch barrel rig. Should I just stick with the aluminum chassis and let function win over form?
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Bedding with steel filled devcon (10110) is essentially cement and should be repeatable as possible, if all else is.

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Im not totally positive, but McMillan should be able to inlet their pistol stock for you for the surgeon action....

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