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Xp with holosight

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January 25, 2021, 06:18 PM
Xp with holosight
Hey all, i chased fall turkeys with my xp in fireball last fall, trying hard to get a gobbler. I had several opportunities but Failed to connect with the 4x leupold i have on it now. What do you all think about a eotec or holosight type scope so i can aquire targets faster? This will be for hunting applications with shots at 100 yards or less. Yes im already thinking about fall turkeys 2021

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January 25, 2021, 07:19 PM
WV Hitman
Realize, any dot sight you use will be very small on a turkey at extended range making exacting shots very difficult.
I'd go a variable handgun scope-2-8X Leupold or Weaver or a used 2-6 Bushnell Trophy/Elite.
I used a 2-6 Bushnell Elite on my turkey gun (.454 Casull with a bullet that caused only 1-1/2" of destruction in the wing butt) for my spring gobbler (129 yds.) and fall gobbler (68 Yds). This set up has taken 37 birds. None ever moved.
I like dot scopes on my big guns (.475L, .500 S&W) for big animals (deer, lions, Cape Buff, elephant). The farther away a small animal is, the harder it's to get an accurate hit with a dot scope. You need to be very precise on a turkey shot. They are extremely resistant to poor hits. I lost one once from a .45-70 Contender, 400 gr. Speer FP, 55 yds. Broke one wing butt & the opposite hip on a steep downhill shot. He flew/hopped away and never was found!
January 25, 2021, 08:07 PM
The only way to get better ,faster, finding objects with a scope is practice, time looking thru the scope. A 2-6 or 2-8 gives you a bit more field of view on 2 power but you still need to practice finding things in the scope. If you have room in the yard or a field behind where you live, with an [EMPTY GUN ] pick out objects at varying distances and practice finding them in your scope off what ever rest you normally use. Burn a whole in what ever you choose with your eyes then bring the gun up to the eye . Do not look at the scope or gun only what you want to see thru the scope. thumbup
January 25, 2021, 08:12 PM
I have a hard time with eye relief, seems my arms arent long enough.

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January 25, 2021, 09:18 PM
Muzzle brake and rifle scope. It will get you in tighter positions and the eye box is much better.
January 25, 2021, 09:45 PM
Hoggin is on the right line.

If you don't want to go that way though and find pistol scopes with to much eye relief (I'm in that same boat), try the Vortex Scout 2-7x scope. I use them on several TC barrels where recoil is to much for a rifle scope and I love them.

January 26, 2021, 08:39 AM
I too agree with Hoggin. Also do a lot of dry fire practice. My reloading area is upstairs. I stand back from the window about 8' and place my pistol on a Claw bag that's on a tripod. It allows me to steady the pistol on and uneven surface, obtain a good sight picture and dry fire. I usually use low power on the scope for a wider field of view. My focus is on rooftop vents, side dryer vents, electrical boxes, etc. When viewing through your scope with open the blinds open, not raised, you have a target rich environment and you don't bother the neighbors.
January 26, 2021, 07:40 PM
Pa. Mike
I have / had the same problem with the Burris 3-12 handgun scope when set on the highest power. I still use them frequently but when I want to balance power with field of view it's rifle scope all the way for me. 2cents
January 27, 2021, 07:20 AM
With a good brake, there is no caliber with too much recoil for a rifle scope.
Look at some of the cannons these guy shoot with rifle scopes.


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January 27, 2021, 07:24 AM
I picked up a XP with a red dot on it a while back and figured I would try it just for fun before I put a scope on it. At 25 yds it was great accuracy wise but at 100 yds it was terrible. Repeated practice getting on target from whatever field position your going to use under hunting conditions is the key to getting on target whether rifle scope, pistol scope or reddot sight.

January 27, 2021, 09:38 PM
With the Fireball you wouldn't even need a brake. Put a rifle or scout scope on it. I too have difficulty with the eye relief of pistol scopes.

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It's not a break, it's a brake, unless it's a break, then it's broke ;-)
January 30, 2021, 05:09 PM
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primary arms "exclusive Holosun acss paralow cqb sight"shake and wake reticle, lighted circle with bdc chavron ,very precise.Best of both worlds with a Holosun flip over magnifier.O eye relief to arms length.Great set up for old eyes with astigmatism.Run this set up on ar10 375 raptor, 6.8 ar15 and cva 6.5 grendel pistol.