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Does anyone know of a BR stock for an Exemplar?
Any way to modify stock
Pistol shoots great, but stock will not ride a bag well, wierd upward angle and it wobbles way to much for me
Looking to re stock a 10 inch model

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You might try Rockwell Products , he could possibly make one.
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The main problem (in my opinion) of the 10" Exemplar is the weight - kinda light for a bench pistol. If you do restock, might be a good idea to add some weight !
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MDT made an aluminum chassis for the Anschutz 64 action, model MDT LSS-RF #102508 which will fit the Exemplar barreled action. They are discontinued but show up on GunBroker occasionally.

Which side is your bolt on?

Check this thread on RimfireCentral
Scroll down to the post by Gwelo (me) to see pics of my 14”. I also have a 10” in one of these chassis.

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I use a bipod on my Anschutz 12” 17Lp (17 hmr). It’s big and heavy-ish but it always shot better than with a front rest setup. Also much faster to get on fleeting targets than a rest.

I use it 3:1 over any other pistol (or rifle) out to 150 yds in the PD towns.

Mine is accurate too using the CCI A17s.

I had just swapped the old 3x9 for this Hawke 4x16 with a great little reticle.

As I recall it was rather calm 3-6 mph that day.

After getting it on at 100 and shooting 2 shots, I gave it 5 clicks up and one down to split the difference to 150. Shot the next 3.

It’s a real nice shooter!
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Picture of 7fingers
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Joe Updike makes a chassis for the Exemplar
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