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6mm BR vs. 7mm BR for 1000 yards in the XP100 Login/Join 

Out of a 15" barrel, which would you choose and why? Is 1/9" fast enough in the 7mm BR to stabilize heavy bullets? Is there any advantage to a 1/7.5" twist over a 1/8" twist in the 6mm BR? Pure paper punching and rock busting.
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Stay with the 6BR and a 7.5 twist. Good velocity, good bullet selection, less recoil with the chance to spot yourself.

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Either twist you mentioned will work for pretty much the range of bullets typically used in these cartridges. My 6BR is a 1-8 nad it shoots 107gr bullets fine. I shoot 168gr out of my 7BR. Now if you are wanting to shoot 1000 yards the 6 Dasher would be my choice in 6mm. If you are not set on the BR cases the the 6.5-284 Norma is also an excellent 1000 yard round. I love mine. My 2¢


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For 1K I'd want a little more horsepower than the BR's.

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I think the 6 creed will get you there Troll
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I love the 6BR and have shot one at 1000 yards at the MOA shoot,it is a 15" 8 twist and it got in the shootoff a few times at the different yardages.I felt it is a bit slow with the 105 class of bullet,Perhaps if I was better at wind reading?@&$
Like I said it is accurate and I love the BR case,but for shooting at that distance I was thinking I should have a little more horsepower.Thinking about a new chambering for Hunter class now Roll Eyes

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