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XP extractor issues

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July 15, 2019, 10:59 PM
XP extractor issues
I know I know, put an AR type in and be done with it.

All my other XP’s have stock extractors with no problems. My 7BR has no ejector and it will extract just fine.

This action was worked over 20+ years ago, then stuck in the back of the safe. It was a 221 that bubba had reamed to 223. The stock extractor never would extract. Ordered one from Brownells for a 700, was told it would work. (I measured a bunch and see NO reason why it won’t) Put it in and it would cut a chunk out of the case rim. (Yes I had it in correctly) It still refused to extract.

I have tried a few things with no results or slight success.

Some thought the chamber or neck was causing a problem, tip it muzzle up and the case will drop out more times than not. Or, run a rod in the barrel and no resistance can be felt pushing it out.

I have another extractor in my shopping cart, just gotta hit the go button.

One last thing to check. Am going to take the extractor out all together and fire a round. My thinking is the extractor could be partially pulling the case if I have a tight spot some place. I have checked and measured everything and don’t really think that is the problem.

Open to any and all thoughts.

Maybe I just made it mad when I put it in the daylight, then stuck it into a rifle stock Confused

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