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Hello, I not to long ago bought a xp100R in 35 rem. I bought some .358- 158 grain fury bullets to try, but I'm unsure where to start. I figure I could start with .357- 158 grain load data. If any has a load they want to share , or any experience with these, I'd like to hear. I have a small stash if hornady 180 grain ssp, worked well on a PA doe this year, but when there gone, I'm gonna need a replacement, plus working up loads is kind fun....
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Welcome to SP!
I wish I could help you with load data for the 35 Remington. I've only a treasured Marlin 336 that I shoot mostly cast bullets in (a Ranch-Dog mold that throws them about 195 grains), and not all that much with those. I plan to get serious with it soon.
If you are talking about the Fury bullets made from a fellow in Croswell, MI, let me know what you think of them. An avid deer hunter at work used them and or 140 grain Barnes in his 357 Max and seems happy with the results.
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I also have a marlin 336,35, that I got when I turned 12. I shoot rcbs 200 grain cast out of it. Checked and lubed they run about 205 grains. She sure stacked alot of venison over the past 40 years. Have a rem 141 and 760 rem in 35 also ( the 2 boys claimed )
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i've been using 23 gr of h335 with speer 158 gr jhp.. very nice load..
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Is that a typo? Twenty-three grains of H335 is an extremely light load for a 158-grain bullet.


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it is a light plinking load
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I have found some load data for the 35 Remington with 158 grain Handgun Bullets (.357) worked up in a Super 14 Contender.

If your Fury Bullets are .358 and even if they are the slightly undersize .357 I would work up to the maximum load carefully from well below maximum. I would start load development with H322 if you have it. I found 158 load data in two locations with quite a bit of difference in maximum loads. I listed the lighter ones only.

H322 Start Load 24.3 Maximum Load 36.0 = 2200
AA2015 Start Load 26.9 Maximum Load 33.0 = 2100
IMR 3031 Start Load 27.8 Maximum Load 33.7 - 2000

Bob R

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I have used a number of loads and powders in my XP-100 but kept coming back to H-322 for power and accuracy. My gun is a stock XP-100. My best load is 41.0 gr of H-322 over the R-P 200 gr. RNCL bullet, fired with a CCI LP Primer. Load is under Max for this gun, but gave the best accuracy in my gun. IMHO, it is too hot for the Contenders. I worked up this load in my XP using an Oehler Chronograph and it is perfectly safe in MY gun. As always you should start low and work up in your gun.

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