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Well, had a good time shooting and observing pest birds in mulberry tree. The tree was loaded, a big tree, full of berries and birds. I saw a lot of blue jays, mocking birds, red birds, too.

Of course, did not shoot any of them, altho brother said to zap the ole Blue Jays, but I did not. I like them, altho I know they aren't welcome at everyones's place.

I am going to plant some mulberry trees here, we had lots of them when I was a kid many years ago. First time in years I ate mulberrys, but now, tree is barren of fruit except for some new ones coming on.

Well, posted this, because I want very much to get this air gun stuff going on here. If you don't shoot airguns, get you one, find out pellets it likes. A good one, you can have a 22 rimfire almost duplicate, and don't have to worry about chasing down the almost un obtainable 22 ammo.


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Had a Beeman R1 many years ago,liked it a lot.
Still have my Sheridan,love it because of all the crows it has taken,lots of fond memories.

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im getting one for sure
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I have a 10 Meter match gun in CO2 and it takes care of starling ,English sparrows and grackles with well placed shots. It has a 3X9 scope on it and is deadly accurate to 25 yards. I use the RWS pointed pellets and they do the job.
A head shot squirrel doesn't know he was shot by a weak CO2 gun.
When I lived in South Carolina the tree s were full of squirrels and I killed 105 over a 5 year period off the bird feeder. My old Sheridan 20 cal has been rebuilt once but needs to be rebuilt again but it did the work on squirrels.
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