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Anybody else shoot air rifles/ big bore air rifles?
I shoot Brocock 22 magnum sniper, 25 concept lite, 25 commander, 357 Texan, 457 Texan. Anybody else?


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I have a Taipan mutant standard .22
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I use to have two of them. A custom made .257 and a .25 cal. I don't remember the name of either maker but they were both PCP and cost around $1,300 each. I gave up on air rifles after an air tank I was filing in the shop blew up. Very loud, probably another reason why I wear hearing aids today. Sold everything having to do with air rifles.
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I have an FX Maverick Sniper in .22 caliber and love it! Also have a Drozd Blackbird that is converted to full auto.

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Yes! Since the reloading supply embargo began, I have delved quite deeply into HPA airguns. To date: 257, 308, 357 and 457 caliber airguns...all custom built, by me. It's a totally new world for me and I'm lovin' it. I have a meager home machine shop (lathe, mill etc) and have learned to do a LOT of my own work in making the above mentioned airguns. This stuff is just too much fun. I was out blastin' some 2X4 tailings a week ago with the 457 and it was turning them into toothpicks at 50 yards...not your Daddies airgun.

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Not a rifle but I love my Air Force Talon-P. Shot some prairie dogs and a jackrabbit with it.

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I currently have two PCP air guns.
My first was an cheap entry level gun. An Umarex Origin.
It was surprisingly accurate out to 100 yards and quite powerful. Unfortunately, it developed a fatal leak after 7000 shots. Umarex did replace the gun, but since then, I got the urge to upgrade.

My second was an Airforce TalonP. This beast is a .25 caliber powerhouse and quite loud. A Talon Tunes moderator was a necessity to quiet it down.

I recently added a MadDog stock. That really transformed this gun into a much more pleasant gun to shoot.

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