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Since I had a stroke early this year I am shooting my air guns a lot more often. I seem to be doing better than when I came home from the hospital. I am only one of a few who survive the type of stroke I had. My LEFT hand is HARD to control and I am trying to figure a way to improve its use. IF I use a rest of some type I CAN hit the target at 15 yards. (across the basement) I am using handguns mostly as the rifles are wobbling ALL OVER the place. I do not seem to have the wobbles with the hand guns. Neither the pump up nor revolvers !
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Just keep working at it. in 91 I suffered a stroke that left my right arm and hand almost useless. I could not pick up anything let alone even grab it. almost no control. ( I am right handed) 2 years later after my own very intense rehab I won the state air pistol championship with that same right arm and hand. The original prognosis was maybe a 40% recovery. beat the odds and got to a 98% level. and i won that state shoot a few more times as well. Still hanging in there at about 95% now days. I am 66 now. so it can be done. best wishes Chris
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This stroke thing is NASTY! I thought I was doing good, but all of a sudden, I am LOSING ground. Since it is so cold out I am sitting on my butt A LOT.
I have reloaded a BUNCH of ammo for ground hogs in several different guns and calibers. I sure pray and hope I get to use it!! I looked at a couple TC barrels for sale ,but don't think I need any more if I can' get out to use them.
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